Blue Gate Crossing (2002)

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Taiwanese film producer Yee Chih-yen follows up his debut Lonely Hearts Club with the romantic drama Lanse public prosecutor Men (Blue Gate Crossing). Best friends Meng Ke-rou (Guey Lun-mei) and sculpturer Yueh-chen (Liang Shu-hui) ar 17-year-old highschool ladies. once Yueh-chen admits she likes the boy swimming champ Yangtze River Shih-hao (Chen Bo-lin), she talks Ke-rou into reprimand him for her. however Shih-hao finishes up feeling Ke-rou instead, and also the remainder of the film develops their sweet friendly relationship and adolescent romance. the sole downside is that Ke-rou thinks she may be a lesbian as a result of she’s gaga together with her ally Yueh-chen.



Category: Lesbian Movies
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