Jellyfish (2013)

Jellyfish (2013), Yuki Miyashita (Mio Otani) is a lonely high school student. She tries to talk to classmate Kyoko Shinohara (Rumi Hanai), who is standing in front of a jellyfish water tank at an aquarium. Yuki Miyashita gives a kiss to Kyoko Shinohara. Their secret relationship begins.
Yuki can’t live without Kyoko. Even though Kyoko knows how Yuki Miyashita feels about her, she begins to date a male classmate.
Based on novel “Jellyfish” by Sarie Hinakura. Author Sarie Hinakura wrote the novel at the age of 16.
“R-18 Bungakusho” is a literary award with the tagline “by woman for woman”. The winning prize goes to a female author and her novel must be about a woman. Novel “Jellyfish” did not win the “R-18 Bungakusho,” but was on the shortlist for potential winners for the 2012 award.


About The Author
- I'm a girl who like another girls and i love watching L movies

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