The Fish Child (2009)

The Fish Child, a romantic crime drama custom-made from her novel of a similar name. Lala (Inés Efron, World Health Organization additionally asterisked in XXY) is AN Argentinean lady from a flush family. She’s urgently crazy with the family’s young live-in maid, La Guayi (singer Mariela Vitale, creating her feature-film debut), and she’s jealous of l.  a. Guayi’s several alternative admirers. once Lala’s politically active father, Bronté (Pep Munné), dies below mysterious circumstances, she runs off to

La Guayi’s remote town in Paraguay, hoping that her lover can follow. There, she uncovers the reality concerning La Guayi’s sordid past, and therefore the maid’s troubled relationship together with her own father, a telenovela star named Sócrates (real-life Paraguayan soap star Arnaldo André). Lala

additionally explores the native legend of “The Fish kid.” meantime, La Guayi is unfree for her suspected involvement in Bronté’s death, and once Lala finds out, she jeopardizes her own freedom by returning home. In Puenzo’s novel, written once she was simply twenty three years previous, the story is told from the point-of-view of Lala’s family dog. The film options AN look by the Paraguayan musical organisation the Potrankos. The Fish kid had its North yankee premiere at the 2009 Tribeca fete, wherever it absolutely was shown within the World Narrative Competition.


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