THIN ICE (1995)

Lesbians on ice offer the main focus of this British drama. Steffi and Natalie area unit amateur skaters at constant building in London. Steffi and her partner, a journalist, area unit progressing to write a thought article concerning lesbian participation within the June 1994 Gay Games in ny. Steffi’s partner bows out simply before they’re to travel thus Steffi tries to induce Natalie concerned. Natalie has 2 things against her. One, she is a mean athlete. Two, she is straight. Steffi with success seduces Natalie one weekend and Natalie falls smitten. hassle erupts once Natalie discovers that Steffi and her lover were solely victimisation her to induce a story. Natalie drops out the night before their trip to ny.



THIN ICE (1995)

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