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1448 Love Among Us (2014) says about the law rule of 1448 in Thailand that don’t recognize homosexual’s right, or human right when their marriage is gay or lesbian wedding. This Thai lesbian movie set in Chiang Mai,
Connection between Pim & Pat
Pim is a first year college student, she go out with her boyfriend, she meet Pat ( a girl with camera) in their hangout. As i can see, Pat fall in love with Pim at first sight. Clearly, there is connection between Pim and Pat, they go out for same places, they stand outside in midnight together and study in same school.  Perhaps, their meet is a destiny that they can’t hide from.
Pim is straight girl, she don’t like lesbian or don’t accept this kind of love. When she watch a lesbian sex scene on TV, she leave for home. Pim see Pat at college again, their relationship become more closer, Pat take on coffee shop, and she ask Pim to do business together.
Pim & Pat – Happy Moments
Pim leave her boyfriend and make a decision for abortion, this hurt her very much. Pat come to look after her, when she try to kiss Pim, * wow, she is brave girl * Pim push Pat away, they dont meet other for a short time, then Pim come to coffe shop where Pat is working to heal it, then they have sweet night together.
Pim & Pat – Lesbian Kiss In Right Way
They decided to get their gay marriage. In wedding place, they give best wish to each other in happiest moments, From now, they have more difficult to overcome together.
Sweetie Kiss In Lesbian Wedding
In the next chap of 1448 Love Among Us they have to face to face with their family, their society, and the right to lesbian life.


1448 Love Among Us (2014)

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