La Robe Du Soir (2009)

Juliette lives during a mundane development outside Paris along with her 2 brothers and single female parent. Director Aziza films the youngsters within the modern author college, wherever students ar spirited and attentive. Juliette’s category has the standard sexual curiosities, and madam Solenska unhesitatingly turns remarks on biological time, oral sex, and even “teacher’s tits” into descriptive linguistics exercises. Juliette becomes fascinated with Solenska; she’s excited once the teacher loans her a private copy of The Lacemaker with its cowl illustration of a nude adult female along with her back to U.S.A., facing the ocean. At home, Juliette studies the inscription on the page from maybe the teacher’s lover, its dirty  pages, one hair caught within the book’s spine, a touch of the teacher’s scent. The woman applies make-up and tries on her mother’s brassiere, dress, perfume, heels… making an attempt to image her own adulthood.
Back at school, Juliette is infuriated once madam Solenska offers special attention to Antoine (Leo Legrand), a cute and precocious boy. once Antoine rides his bike to her flat for outside facilitate along with his school assignment, Juliette follows him repeatedly, keeping watch on her windows and even activity during a closet next to the elevator on her floor thus she will see Antoine leave. She convinces herself they’re having associate affair, tho’ the motion picture is incredibly discreet and ambiguous concerning this. There aren’t any smoking guns, and even Juliette’s older brother says he’s being “coached” by madam Solenska still.


La Robe Du Soir (2009)

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