A Piece Of Our Life ( 2009)

May 28, 2015 2:12 am
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Kakera (2009) Or A Piece Of Our Life is Japan drama movie A touching portrait of a relationship between Haru, a university student whose relationship together with her egocentric beau goes obscurity, and Riko, a bisexual medical creator World Health Organization makes prosthetic body elements.

Based on the popular manga Love Vibes by Erika Sakurazawa and that includes a sound recording by James Iha, former player of Smashing Pumpkins, the debut feature of Momoko Andô, one in all the members of this year’s competition Jury, may be a delicately-nuanced portrait of 2 terribly completely different girls.

whereas Haru can be physically intact, Riko sees in her a definite emotional eager to that she would possibly offer a cure, and therefore the 2 begin Associate in Nursing comprehensive relationship that attracts Haru far from her dissatisfying routine and into a replacement and additional showing emotion fulfilling space of her life.


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