Fatal Frame (2014)

A missionary girls’ high school lies in an isolated mountain town. One day Aya (Ayami Nakajo), who lives in the dorm there, witnesses an intense vision of her own death and shuts herself in her room out of shock. That day, a girl’s ghost is witnessed here and there across the dorm, and the girls who see it disappear one by one, as though they are being called by someone. All of the girls who see the ghost first looked at a photo. The photo shows a girl who looks just like Aya with an unnatural light, in an unnatural state.
Michi (Aoi Morikawa), who also lives in the dorm, sees her friend Kasumi vanish before her eyes. Michi wonders if Aya caused it, pressing her across the door, but Aya will not show herself. Kasumi is finally discovered drowned, and then Michi begins seeing the ghost. When Michi is unable to go against the ghost’s beckoning, trying to take her away somewhere, Aya stops her. “There is a curse here that affects only girls, and I think I’m the only one who can stop it.” Aya regains her sanity. What is the curse? Why are girls the only ones vanishing? The two pursue the mystery of the “spiriting aways” happening at the dorm…


Category: Lesbian Movies
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- I'm a girl who like another girls and i love watching L movies