Gu Lian Hua (2005)

Gu Lian Hua (2005)

Gu Lian Hua (2005) aka Love’s Lone FlowersThe story spans two decades, the gap in the short term, when the final part of the China war, once Communist forces captured the capital Nanjing in 1949, therefore, the defeated party fled the ground station. Yun law ah is probably well before the Civil War Shanghai and agencies like the mistress runs to wubu (Angelica Lee, he was sent to the brink of adult women, by local gangsters campaigner Yun with her mattress ah threatened with gang connections, “the boss ran them off, once wubu begging her assistance in providing young women in areas still exist – her kindness prompted initially by a simple dedication, but then more and more attractions in Plato style.


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