Affinity 2008 England Release

Affinity 2008 is a beautiful lesbian drama films set in England in the 1870s, Affinity centers on Margaret, an upper class young woman suffering from depression after the dead of her father and other sorrows that she has to bury deep in her heart, unable to share with anyone. Searching for a new way to get through her days, she signs up to become a “lady visitor” at a bleak women’s prison, Milbank in order to comfort the prisoner in despair of locking between the walls and get them prepared to come back to the society

Magaret soon realized that she’s attracted to Selina Dawes a mysterious girl who claims to be a spirit medium a person who channels spirits and the souls of the dead. After a few closed encounters of her own, Margaret begins to believe in Selina’s supernatural ability and that she’s innocent. Since then, their grieves and buried secret slowly unfold…


About The Author
- I'm a girl who like another girls and i love watching L movies