Juri (Riko Narumi) is neither particularly standard in class nor unloved by her schoolmates. although she is happy that she hasn’t to require on the role of the one being hangdog by others the entire day, she withal needs to be as standard as Hanada (Atsuko Maeda). once being absent from lesson for every week, she realizes at her come that Hanada is suddenly the one hangdog by her classmates.

Life additionally is not straightforward for Juri. She is not accepted by the college her oldsters need her to travel to, and furthermore, her mother and father ar continuously dispute with one another. Eventually, the 2 get a divorce and Juri lives at her mother’s from that day on.
Two years go past till suddenly at some point Juri hears news regarding Hanada. She remains being hangdog, even at the new faculty she attends, Associate in Nursingd therefore Juri sends her an e-mail, during which she introduces herself as an acquaintance. Hanada is inquisitive what this can be all regarding and ostensibly cannot bear in mind Juri any longer, nonetheless the information she gets from her sudden friend encourage be quite helpful, and then Hanada will build up a definite quality at the new faculty she simply transfered to. However, Juri and Hanada appear to share constant problem: 

They placed on a mask and play a job, while not extremely knowing who they really ar deep within.


How To Become My Self (2007) ENG

| Lesbian TV series |
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