The Daughter Of Club Bilitis 2011

Taking videos, teenager Joo-Yeon looks for people just like herself, women who are attracted to other women.
Yeo-Kyung discovers that Joo-Yeon holds special feelings for her. Yeo-Kyung introduces Joo-Yeon to another lesbian Han-Na. Han-Na lives with her partner Young-Eun and they go through difficulties when Han-Na learns Young-Eun is pregnant. Han-Na feels betrayed by Young-Eun and tells her troubles to lesbian club owners Myung-Hee and Hyang-Ja. Meanwhile, lesbian club owner Hyang-Ja’s duaghter comes back into her life …


The Daughter Of Club Bilitis 2011

About The Author

I’m a girl who like another girls and i love watching L movies

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