Sexual Tension Violetas 2013 is lesbian drama and romantic films, including lesbian stories alternate, in different situations in daily life. They can be hired next 2 girls room, over a few times to chat, while their boyfriends go away, and they have discovered different emotions together.

They are salespeople with sales staff, unknown to each other, but easily have gay kiss, but the impact on different body. They are good friends, while theother person realize feelings for the other person, and then dare to express emotions with other people and be accepted.They are two middle-aged woman, met in the restroom, and then exchanged a burning feeling.There are two escort girls, realized the attraction for each other while serving a customer. …It can be seen through the film, director Marco Beger want transmitted to the audience different messages, but the association of same-sex attraction. No matter what has happened, or will never happen, or maybe never happen, it is better we should only have sex with people we love.


Tensión sexual, Volumen 2: Violetas (2013)

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- I'm a girl who like another girls and i love watching L movies