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Korea’s sweetheart Moon Geun Young (My Little Bride, Tale of Autumn) returns to the small screen for the highly anticipated 2008 SBS period drama The Painter of the Wind. The series attracted a lot of attention since conception for being Moon’s first TV drama in five years, and for featuring a gender-bending heroine like the wildly popular 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Based on Lee Jung Myung’s best-selling novel which also inspired the film Portrait of a Beauty in 2008, The Painter of the Wind reimagines the life of renowned Joseon-era painter Shin Yoon Bok, interestingly portraying the artist as a woman disguised as a man. 
Screenshots for Painter Of The Wind TV Series DVDRip 01-20[XviD]
Screenshots for Painter Of The Wind TV Series DVDRip 01-20[XviD]
On the big screen, Shin Yoon Bok is played by Kim Min Sun; on the small screen, she is charmingly embodied by Moon Geun Young. After meeting family tragedy in her youth, Shin chooses to live disguised as a male and sets out to find the truth behind her father’s mysterious death. Acclaimed actor Park Shin Yang (Lovers in Paris, Money’s Warfare) plays master painter Kim Hong Do, who becomes Shin’s mentor in both art and life. Underlined by beautiful cinematography, a majestic score, keen attention to historical details, and a supporting cast that includes Bae Soo Bin (Jumong), Lim Ji Eun (Rude Women), Park Jin Woo (Unstoppable Marriage), and Moon Chae Won (Our School E.T), The Painter of the Wind has emerged as one of the best Korean dramas of 2008.


Painter Of The Wind (2008) Eng + Viet

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