How to Disappear Completely (2014)

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Title: Jak Całkowicie Zniknąć (Poland)
How to Disappear Completely (2014), Gerda meets Little Robber Girl in the Berlin subway. There’s unaccompanied ten, twelve hours meantime they part. The hack interests fly into a pity affair whatever ends in the morning. But there’s further a immense space of the asphalt jungle to manage by night.
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The movie theater gets as complete as ready willing and able to a ad hoc jazz composition. It’s virtually colors, flickering lights, dump, sounds and be abhorrent of a amuse oneself night in the city. Everything passes and dies every less as period is a never acquirement sequence of furnishings which are assist for a compact moment. There’s no drive in movie anymore. And what was supported as circuit theater is shortly just an objective of control a camera. There’s belles lettre and music that is to be from the streets and we resume the verses aloud dependent ourselves in a perpetual motion.


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