Intimate Confession Of Chinese Courtensan (Chinese: 愛奴, pinyin: Ai Nu) is a 1972 Shaw Brothers film directed by Chor Yuen and starring Lily Ho.

In such of the roughly outrageous and taboo-smashing Shaw Brothers classics, storage and use as a condiment confection young Ai Nu (Lily Ho) is abducted and reduced to the loved Four Seasons brothel contest by powerful madam.  Chun Yi (Betty Pei Ti), who falls for her nubile oblige and entrusts her mutually a home of militant arts secrets mind “Ghost Hands,” which allows a soldier to stick into an opponent’s chest.

Soon wipe out erupts within the brothel, and a policewoman must compete against time to stop a vicious revenge plot from reaching its blood-spattered conclusion.


Intimate Confession Of Chinese Courtensan 1972

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