Proxy is America horror film, is directed by Zack Parker. This film develops a storyline of Esther Woodhouse (Alexia Rasmussen), a pregnant mother. But her child wasn’t born because someone attacked her while she go walking for bus. Someone found her on the road, they take her to the hospital. Esther didn’t remember anything happened after recovering. 
She meet Melaine at group meeting where someone tell their own story. she come back to department and be attacked by a girl, again.
She have lesbian sex with her lesbian lover,Anika Barön (Kristina Klebe) then they sleep together. Esther find some way to see Melaine, she trying to reduce her, but Melainie angry and get out. Then, Eher throw her down, and come to Melainie’s house, she see Peyton, Melainie’s son , and drown him into water. Melainie scream, and ask Esther for reason why she did that. Her husband come with a gun, he kill Ether… ” I did thing that you can’t do” that’s only reason for this, Esther said.

To be continued…


Proxy (2013)

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