The Fish Child, Sapphic Love Between Two Young Women

The Fish Child as known as El Nino Pez in Spainish language, adapted from the novel ” The Fish Child” by Lucia Puenzo who also are director of this lesbian romantic movies. The story is sounded interesting almost like Heavenly Creatures Argentine Version, but the end is not.
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Lala & Guayi bath together | Lesbian Films

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I want you to be mine, Lala | Lesbian Films

This lesbian film revolves arround two teenage girls, Lala, come from Argentina and she fall in love with Guayi, a paraguay maid in Lala’s family. Two lesbian girls, want live together in Shoes house in paraguay but their dream is prevented from the death of Lala’s father, a judge.

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Forget about me, Guayi | Lesbian Films


The Fish Child (2009)

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