Sugar Rush Season 2, Episode 1

The episode of Sugar Rush season 2, starts eighteen months when the events that passed off within the last episode of the primary series. Kim is back on the dancer, however this point with 2 totally different women. Back really, in step with Kim, everything is back to normal; she is in bed along with her toothbrush once more, except now it is not operating further because it has done antecedently. Again, Kim is interrupted, however now it’s Stella. She asks if Kim desires her to shop for her a opera star magazine or some K-Y Jelly. Clearly, Stella is aware of Kim is gay.

Nathan and Stella are having relationship issues – Stella is desperate for sex, and not abundant else. it’s owing to this that Stella and Nathan have started sex medical aid sessions. abundant to Stella’s disappointment, the sex medical aid involves no sex.

Kim meets anna at the club consequent day, and conjointly sees Saint, who tries to clarify however she feels to her. once she reaches anna, she sees that she has met another lady and is taking her to her house. Kim then goes back home and cries in her sleeping room. Nathan takes Kim’s laundry to her space, then tells her that he might have overreacted once he saw her and anna the day before.

Kim goes to jail consequent day, and tells Sugar that anna drop her. Sugar tells Kim that she’s jealous as a result of Kim features a life, and every one she has is Kim’s jail visits. On Kim’s approach home, she once more bumps into Saint. Saint tells her that she will like her.


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