List of Korean lesbian movies you may like to watch

Do you like Korean lesbian films? Can you list some of these films?? Perhaps ít is popular question for you to track and find out the new lesbian film that is released in Korea in recently years or in the past.

I think many of you know The Handmaiden, it ‘s a korean movie based on ” Fingersmith” novel of Sarah Water author. It released in 2015, with some awards for best movie. I don’t know, just because I have seen this movie but I totally don’t like it. It’s sexual, and funny, and because I like acting and story in Fingersmith than anything else in The Handmaiden.

The Handmaiden – Korean Lesbian Film

In My End is My Beginning is not my favorite lesbian movies in Korea. The film begins with the full pleasures of adultery of the husband, talking to his wife. And then when the husband suddenly had an accident and dead, his mistress come the wife’s house with the hope to be forgiven by his wife who lost her husband. And even after watching a lot of times I still can not understand the content and message of the film. It may include a few sex scenes, however, it does not distract me at all.

A Girl At My Door really impressed me. Perhaps by way of building character, really impressed. At first I thought it was a crime thriller which is nothing interesting at all. A young girl who usuall are beated by her father when he drunk, and was rescued by a young policeman. And film movements become more interesting when this young girl deverlops a confusing relationship with her policewoman.

Recently, Our Love Story is released in 2016 like a successful film project. The film explores the inside’s depth of each characters, though not much, but at least they have mentioned it. The situations when two girls met, then arise their emotions to each other. Why they break up? . It ‘s same question for both their family and society at that time. They fear of come-out, fear thay type of feeling when their father know that they are gay. However, this movie is not my favorite choice.

And now, after list some of Korean lesbian movies I will tell you the most I like is Life is Peachy, It’s amazing lesbian content movies. It worth my time and my feel.

Life is Peachy is based on a true story of love in the life of homosexual love between two girlfriends.


List of Korean lesbian movies you may like to watch

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