Elena Undone (2010)

Elena Undone (2010), Peytons best friend, Wave, drags her to a love guru where Peyton and Elena meet once again. Peyton calls Elena the next day, inquiring if Elena would help her with continuing her mothers Womens Glory Project, and make plans for Elena to visit the next day with her portfolio.

Peyton calls Wave asking for advice on her feelings for Elena, and her friend tells her to be honest with Elena about said feelings, unaware that Elena has some of her own. Elena and Peyton get into a bit of an inquisition when Peyton asks how Barry comes on to Elena and when and how often they have sex.

Elena faints, and Nash gets Peyton and Elena to talk together at Tylers house so Elena can explain that she broke up and is getting divorced from Barry, but still wanted a child, to have some hope in her life and that she received IVF with Tylers contribution, and asks Peyton to try and understand.


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