Imagine Me & You (2005) ENG VIE

Imagine Me & You, Lesbian Love In First Sight

Imagine Me & You look like a old tale. Luce is lesbian, she seen Rachel in her wedding but it’s not normal meeting. Like a love at first sight. Rachel see Luce again for two times. Maybe something happens, she want to see Luce again. Next, they meet by chance again, Rachel lose her ring into wine and she ask Luce to help her.

Rachel is surprised to know that Luce is lesbian, maybe her heart is right. They have several meet at somewhere. Gradually, they understand and get to closer to each other.

Luce as she was walking down the aisle. Rachel underestimated herself thinking she could normalize complicated things by inviting Luce to dinner to set her up with her husband’s best friend. It could never work out, for sure because Luce is a lesbian who is attracted only to women.

Rachel couldn’t manage to ignore her strange feelings for Luce when they spend time together. Something new started to wake up and blossom inside, the love for someone that she ever thought she would fall for.Will she be able to leave her husband and her newly marriage behind to follow her heart, to be with the love of her life?

A happy ending for their love in Imagine Me & You 2005.  Rachel realized that she love her very much. She left her husband and go to find her. She shout her name but nobody here, then she skir like the way Luce taught her before. This time, her voice helps them stay for love together.







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