Night Light E20, Shake hand, Lee Se Jin, Seo Yi Kyung, say goodbye, 01:02:53

Night Light E20

Night Light E19, Seo Yi Kyung, Se Jin, talking in car, two girl talking in car, womance relationship, homosexual relationship, 01:04:01

Night Light E19

Night Light E18, Se Jin, Seo Yi Kyung, Yi Kyung in car, back to meet Se jin, worry about Se Jin 01:03:27

Night Light E18

night light e17, se jin, seo yi kyung, kidnapped plan, document, freedom, lesbian womance, 01:03:24

Night Light E17

Night Light E16, womance, intimate relationship, recall , 01:03:27

Night Light E16

Seo Yi Kyung, boss, thinking of her plan, in her office, womance, homosexual relationship 01:03:20

Night Light E15

Night Light, Se Jin, Seo Yi Kyung, Womance, lesbian relationship withou sexuality, boss and staff relationship, CEO, 01:03:34

Night Light E14

Night Light E13

Se Jin, Gon Woo, Tak, saving Se Jin, fighting back, protect Se Jin 59:10

Night Light E12

Se Jin, money, meeting, Boss, Boss and staff, enermy 59:09

Night Light E11

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