Lesbian TV series

Emily, her lesbian girlfriend, listen the phone, stranger calling, worry about A, 43:36
Pretty Little Liars S01E09, Emily and Alison, ex-girlfriend, princess of school, the most beautiful girl, lost girl, touching her hand to Emily's hair, Sweet gestures, girls in love, 43:30
Emily, Hannal, worry about A, mysterious character A, four girlfriends, lesbians, lesbian friends 42:46
Pretty Little Liars S01E07, Emily and her girlfriend, lesbian relationship, link to other, lesbian character, lesbian content, 43:07
Supergirl, Kara, Lena, friendship, escape, 42:28
Grace, Frankie, S01E04, lesbianism, homosexual relationship, tv show drama, tv show comedy, older women, 26:01
Grace's husband, Frankie's husband, family dinner, eat dinner together, gay couple, lesbian show 29:41
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