Love Sick [Legaturi bolnavicioase] 2006

Love Sick (2006) or Legaturi bolnavicioase, is Romanian lesbian film, in drama genre, released on  8 June 2006 in USA

love sick 2006, Legaturi bolnavicioase,

Alex and kiki meet at university in bucharest. What first begins as a herbal friendship, quickly turns into an severe lesbian love affair. “i wonder if this building is earthquake evidence,” says one early within the script, without a doubt joking, and with the same infantile belief in invulnerability that quickly characterises their dating.

love sick

One of the establishing pics is of the two of them strolling thru the rain – a scene kiki later goals of the first night she stays over at alex’s region. The movie pretty intentionally runs on this atmosphere of fairy-tale romance for a while – “i may want to smell the scent of sleep on her, and that’s once I desired to look her always, each morning.” it’s far an idealistic celebration of emotional warmth and closeness, in which sexuality (and the fact that they’re both women) performs best a small component. The communicate rushes forth like a spring or waterfall that can not be stopped, function of many humans of their age institution.

Both women were hiding their extra serious facet, alex subduing her preference to observe and kiki skilfully disguising her emotional instability.


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