Red Door (2005)


Red Doors tells the story of the Wongs, an oddly dysfunctional Chinese-American family living within the big apple suburbs. impotence Wong has simply retired and plots to flee his mundane life. However, the riotous, madcap lives of his 3 rebellious daughters amendment his plans.



The eldest girl, Samantha, is associate degree formidable bourgeois in Manhattan suddenly gets timidity regarding her future wedding once she runs into associate degree previous high-school flame. Julie, the keep middle sister, finds her life as a studious student turned the wrong way up once she falls for a picture show actress visiting the hospital. Katie, the youngest sister, may be a discontent high school senior engages in a very regularly escalating and dangerous prank war together with her old neighbor and nemesis, Simon.


Ultimately, Ed’s disappearance compels every girl to look at her own understanding of the role and association she has got to the family. At constant time, the Wongs learn to measure their own lives outside the invisible fences. Julie and Katie in love with lesbian romantic kiss.


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