Saving Face (2004)

Saving Face 2004 is a comedy lesbian film. is about a young Chinese – American doctor (WI) has a successful career, is a talented and smart woman. However, she’s not interested of getting a boyfriend, wearing make-up … in which makes her mom worried. She tries to get her daughter to blind dates with Chinese- American guys but it’s in vain

Unexpectedly, life of mom becomes chaos when she gets pregnant and keeps secret about her baby’s father. In order to save face, Wil’s grandfather sue her away and tells her to get a husband. Will becomes an unwilling match-maker of her mom. Meanwhile, she has another issues to deal with: Her lesbian identity might be unacceptable to her mom who has traditional way of thinking. So, Wil and her girlfriend has to keep their love a secret.

Everybody is all about saving face …
What are they supposed to do…


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