The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters (2006)

The film is shot in 2006 based on a true story occurred in China. The film tells a love story of Li Ming, a young orphan of the Tangshan earthquake, who leaves to study at the home of a renowned botanist – a famous professor. He is so conservative and strict so his daughter – An always lives by his words. She feels lonely and anxious there, around her father. When Li Ming becomes professor’s intern, she soon becomes friend with his daughter as well. Then the friendship grows quickly into a sensual but forbidden attraction. One day , An’s brother comes back from the army , his father wants him to get married so  Ming and An create a dangerous arrangement to be able to continue spending their lives together: Ming marries An’s brother .

On his wedding day, he comes to realize his new-wed bride is no longer a virgin. He beats her brutally but Ming remains silent to keep her secret with An safe.

When An’s brother goes back to the army, the two girls stick together like glue. The professor gets suspicious when they become absent-minded with the tasks he gives them. One night, when he is taking a walk in the garden, he finds out about his daughters. He hits Li Ming in his anger and his daughter strikes back to protect the girl she loves.

Shocking from the discovery, An’s father has a heart attack. Right before he dies, he leaves a note telling the police that it was his daughter and daughter-in-law’s homosexuality “disease” that killed him. Thus, An and Ming are sentenced to death by a court and executed.

Being involved with the ensitive topic of homosexuality, the film is shot in Vietnam instead of China with so many beautiful landscapes of Sapa , Ninh Binh , Ha Noi.


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