The Girl (2000)

The Girl (2000) is an American/French romantic drama film directed by Sande Zeig. It is a love story set in Paris between “the Artist” (Agathe De La Boulaye) and “the Girl” (Claire Keim), based on a story by Zeig’s partner Monique Wittig. It was negatively received by critics.

One night the young lady takes the craftsman to the lodging where she lives and they have intercourse. The young lady keeps on observing men and the craftsman has a long haul significant other, Bu Save , who acknowledges the specialists fixation.

He begins taking after the craftsman and sends undermining letters to the young lady advising her to dispose of the craftsman.

At the point when the craftsman can’t discover the young lady, she finds that she has left with the man, who ends up being the proprietor of the club where the young lady sings. At the point when the man and the young lady give back, the craftsman gives the young lady the weapon.


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