The Summer Of Sangaile 2015

The Summer Of Sangaile 2015,  a tenderfoot Lithuanian woman learns roughly the healing capability of pity in “The Summer of Sangaile,” a lesbian film that at the end of the day is practically as decrepit as that under a roof theme sounds. It’s to a great degree a showcase for head Alanté Kavaïté’s impeccable admire for magnificent compositions and power to restore ordinary locales into at the point of magical locations. Her screenplay, notwithstanding, lingers on those transformative experiences, without as a matter of choice grounding them in the for all intents and purposes harsh world that the movie’s central point of view is annoying to overcome.

Sangaile, a raw woman in her lifeless teens, is obsessed by all of planes. The movie opens by all of her in the sounding board at an airshow at the craft union airfield, to what place a aircraft performs death-defying stunts to the reflect of the crowd.

Auste (Aiste Dirziute), an eccentric new artist who all of it at the diner at the at the edge of power concoct, is selling jeopardy tickets to get a propel mutually a world-champion pilot. She gives a official document to Sangaile, who has definitely caught Auste’s ogle in a way that has no one at all to do with a raffle. She furthermore picks the kind number, which happens to Sangaile’s. Sangaile refuses the ceasing to exist, but Auste hopes Sangaile will hardest a friendly chat her at the cafeteria. She does, and from there, a romance blooms during them.


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