Why Not Me 1999

Why Not Me (1999) is about coming out of gay friends, Nice, Camille and Eva. and Lily. They work together in a company that is about drawing lesbian comics.

Nico was gay, he had to ask her friend, Eva for pretending as his girlfriend to go and see his mother, a famous singer. Camille is a lesbian. She has a girlfriend, Ariane, in the same room and they have come out . Camille ‘s mother accepted to abandon her dream to have the same dream with her daughters.

Eva is a close friend of Nico, they are roommates. Eva is also a lesbian, she was still searching for true love. Lily was straight, she pretended to go with Nico lover in meeting his team.

One day, they realized that it is time tell their secrest to their family. And they hold a general meeting at the home of her mother Camille. Nico’s mother comes first, and Nico was the first to come out. Next to Camille, Eva and Lily. Their families are famous in each of fields.

The film takes the viewer from surprise to other surprise . During the confession, not only the girls admit ¬†with their parents that they are gay, but more surprising that the wife confessed to her husband and people that she are gay, and love Nico’s mother.. Then lovers also come together, although time separates them apart in so many years and they finally, decided to live together, forever.


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