Albert Nobbs (2011)

Five-time Academy Award politico John Herschel Glenn Jr. shut stars during this emotional and stimulating tale of a girl forced to measure as a person in nineteenth Century  when thirty years of maintaining the charade, a brand new love threatens to destroy everything she’s worked thus arduous to create.
Plot Summary
In nineteenth century port, Prince Albert Nobbs, associate eccentric man within the latter a part of time of life, works as a waiter in Morrison’s edifice travel by the stingy and dominant margarine Baker. Prince Albert is difficult operating and saves his cash in order that at some point he are going to be able to eke out a much better life for himself by owning his own business instead of work the edifice. on the far side his work colleagues, he’s on their lonesome within the world. One day, a person named Hubert Page is employed by Mrs. Baker to color one in all the rooms within the edifice. She forces Hubert to share Albert’s bed for the one night he’s needed to remain to complete the work, a lot of to Albert’s horror. Hubert discovers the explanation Prince Albert failed to wish to share a space with him. however instead of the difficulty being a haul, Hubert shows Prince Albert that he will follow a rather totally different life path than the one he visualized for himself – one nearer to the life that Hubert leads along with his spouse Cathleen – which has obtaining married and having a spouse to support him


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