How to watch a movie on

Server 1. Fast, HD format, 2 Popunder ads & inpage ads.

You can check how to watch on this server for:

  1. Desktop

You should turn off your adblock plugins or from Chrome browser at first. 

Then follow our video guide here:

2. Mobile

(similar with the desktop guide, you should turn off adblock plugin & adblocker from your browser to see the video, even we have enable adblock mode for user but the server will do the opposite to show the ads)

Server 2: Fast, 720p quality or more depends on the visitor unique per 24h.

It can go up to 4K 8K. It has only one video ad before watching the videos. No other ads format.

You can see the guide to view it successfully here for both Mobile & Desktop:

Server 3 : 1 – 2 Ads, Don’t need to turn off the adblock plugin to enable the video player. No subtite option.