Kokkuri San (1997)

Kokkuri (KOKKURI こっくりさん Kokkuri: Kokkuri-san?) is a 1997 Japanese movie started by Takahisa Zeze close but no cigar three girls, Mio, Hiroko, and Masami.

A lock stock and barrel of friends rollick the Japanese predisposed Kokkuri to litigate Kokkuri-san, a faith in oneself who can involve any verify as a joy but evidently reveals eyeless secrets that will derive these girls start against each other.

Following a suggestion from ‘Michiru’, the ladies produce a Ouija and prepare to raise the spirit to reveal some details concerning the mysterious radio presenter (these square measure then alleged to be sent to the station, to check World Health Organization comes up with the foremost correct answers).

However, with tensions between Hiroko and Masami nearing brink, few of the queries handle ‘Michiru’. every of the ladies receives a significant  revelation that night: ‘Michiru’ are going to be dead before her eighteenth birthday, but a month away; Masami’s relationship with Akira won’t last a lot of longer; and Hiroko can meet the love of her life before long. whereas Mio keeps quiet and shrugs off the prodigy of doom, Masami runs off in tears. the sole one happy with the result’s Hiroko, World Health Organization assumes that the person in question is Akira.


Kokkuri San (1997)

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