Shishunki gokko (2014) ENG + VIET

July 7, 2015 8:34 am
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Shishunki gokko (2014) – Story line of This lesbian drama

Finding The Adolescence as known as Shishunki Gokko is  japanese lesbian movie which is about Takane (Honoka Miki) is a teenage student interested in art. Her friend Mika (Misato Aoyama) wants to become a novelist. They are best friends and have developed feelings for each other.
love scene, smile, school scene

Kiss scene, love, first kiss

Their relationship though becomes shaken by the presence of Namie (Yukie Kawamura). Namie is an ex-novelist and works as a librarian.


Good japanese school girl film

Great story!
I suggest this movie for anyone who want to come back her childhood.
Good film to watch and feel
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