The Intimate ( 1997)

Intimate Jisor 1997 is a gay romantic films, but also full of obstacles and suffering. The film tells the story of love through time (from the past to the present) of Foon and Wan, true love is built on a solid foundation of friendship, help each other to  overcome difficulties.

Warner: Spoiler

First of all, the film takes place in the time peace after war in Chinese, Wan go to the city work as a maid for a young couple. Alternating current life, the story of Foon’s past, she remembered about that time, when a Chinese revolutionary era still continues, Foon is a young girl in the poor family. One day while playing with the other girls, her boss arrested her because her family had no money to pay for the debt. Wan was boating on the river at that time and she gives Foon money to repay. Wan is the ninth wife of the boss, she is wise and knowledge.

One day while working in factory, Foon hear her singing and came to Wan’s place. they see each other, recognize each other, Foon rescue Wan from attacks in jealous of wives of the boss.

From there they became closer, overcome obstacles togethers. Wan has special attention to Foon. Once Wan takes Foon go with her  to her husband to discuss with his generals. Wan is the cost of the contract between her husband with his generals. she must stay with him one night or her husband would not get the deal done. Foon was kicked out, she waited outside all night, despite the guards evicted, beaten,  she waited until the next morning when Wan back out in the pouring rain, heavy.

A few days later, Foon attend a friend’s wedding who her friend is married with, is Foon’s lover. That night she was with him together, and she had children with him.

Wan know this, Foon embarrassed and sought liberation by abortion. But she is rescued by Wan. Then they open a restaurant. War broke out, the former husband of Wan went to see Wan to ask for going with him to abroad to avoid war.

Only one ticket, but what the two women have to do? they do not want to be apart and Foon accept Wan’s love at that night.

In departure day, Boats gone out without Foon, Wan decided to jump off the boat to swim toward Foon. But at this time, they was seperated again.

The film gives the look and behaviors in love, teach us how to accept, as well as the vision of Chinese society at that time, war time, when a woman gets no respect, and become commodity items. But not so that they succumb, they will find happiness for themself, even for waiting, searching each  in a half of lifetime or longer. Lovers will wait to live together.


The movie closes with scenes that Foon  met Wan  on the train after many years of separation, from they was young until they are old. Happiness appeared on their faces, in the end, their efforts were rewarded.



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