The story of petulant Carmen, first told in a episode by Prosper Merimee and made celebrated in an opera by Georges Bizet, gets a trendy and magnificent modern-dress evolution in this inspiring drama by the whole of music. Karmen Gei (Jeinaba Diop Gai) is an case in a women’s prison in Senegal; big, spontaneous, and looking out for herself at all times, Karmen’s uninhibited dancing and sensual posture excites the lesbian passions of Angelique (Stephanie Biddle), the prison’s warden, who allows herself to be attracted to by the wanton Karmen. Once Angelique falls asleep, Karmen sees the navigate is direct and escapes to city, where she is caught by armament policeman Col. Lamine Diop (Magaye Adama Niang) after insulting factotums of the nation’s military leadership.
 However, Diop proves no link for Karmen’s lovely charms, and afterwards having her way with him, she earlier again escapes and Diop finds himself ought to bars. Karmen arranges for Diop’s hide, nonetheless it isn’t long earlier he realizes she is using him as a plaything and has low respect for him as a man; anyway, by this time he’s too deeply addicted to Karmen’s passions to send away. While delighted in pattern by Bizet’s opera, Karmen Gai boats an all-new perform by David Murray, Julien Jouga, and Doudou Ndiaye Rose that draws on elements of easy rock, jazz, and Afro-pop for its natural themes.


Karmen Gei (2001)

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