Me, Myself and Her 2015, Marina and Federica have been together for five years now, they live in a gorgeous rental in Rome, they share the identical bed, they use the same face cream, they make love, they combat, but they still don’t realize if they’re a couple. Marina has it all: she’s eye-catching, sexy and humorous. At the time a well known and liked actress, presently she successfully runs a healthful foodstuff restaurant. She’s an individual, confident and curious lady, who understands what she needs and has no doubts relating to her sexuality. She likes women and she loves Federica.

She, I, compathy, on the beach

Marina and Federica walk on the beach

Federica is a active highly regarded architect with a romantic relationship at the rear of her and a grown up son in his twenties, she has a extremely hard time to hold up (but who doesn’t?). Marina is the first and only woman of her lifetime. Federica is extremely discreet and very different from Marina. Marina and Federica’s love tale quickly reaches a crossroads. While Marina is pleased to believe that she is part of a couple, Federica, right after conference a man she once had a crush for, studies a emergency of personality and begins inquiring herself what she truly needs from life and love. At times comedic and often tragic, the answer will not be an clear one to resolve.


Me, Myself and Her 2015

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