moving to new york, season ending, the l word ending 01:01:01

The L Word S06E08: Last Word

Bette, Tina, dancing test, lesbian bar, behind the scene, dancing couples, the l word 49:01
lesbian tv series, the l word, lesbian group, lesbian life, 56:23
Tina, Bette, lesbian couples, lesbian kiss, happy ending couples, lesbian tv series 52:36

The L Word S06E05: Litmus Test

happy toghether, Bette & Tina, lesbian mothers and children, the l word, season 6, lesbian series 52:28
the l word, lesbian kissing, kissing on bed, bed scene, lesbian character, lesbianism 47:16

The L Word S06E03: LMFAO

Tasha, Alice, lesbian couples, smile, happy time, the l word 50:20
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