Glee S01E19 43:59
Glee S01E18, lesbian couple, lesbian characters, lgbt characters 44:00
A remarkable life 2016, wife affair, love affair, women sleep together, wife and a doctor woman, lesbian charactés, lesbian catched on bed, 01:31:58
Bessie, lesbian couples, lesbian characters, black lesbians 01:51:59

Bessie (2015)

intimate relationship, lesbian couples, lesbian charater, glee club, team member, Santana, Brittany 44:48

Glee S01E16: Home

Glee, dancing club, high school girls, lesbian character, lesbianism 45:03
glee club, lesbian character, schoolgirls, dancing 45:54

Glee S01E14: Hell-O

Glee, lesbian characters, 44:41
Glee club, lesbian tv series 42:15

Glee S01E12: Mattress

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