Persona (1966)

Persona (1966) revolves around 2 women; Elisabet, Associate in Nursing role player United Nations agency suddenly become concise during a middle of performance, and Alma, a nurse United Nations agency tends to the other’s wordlessness. The latter becomes the voice of the 2 people, and soon, identities shift and personalities merge. designed with such sharp and beautiful monochromatic imaging, the idyllic seashore city in Sverige is nothing compared to the implausibly exciting performances by its lead actresses, 54 Ullman and Bibi Andersson. One powerful scene that has gone right down to history books is that confession by Nurse Alma, as she confides her deepest secrets to the mute concerning her muggy tryst within the beach with 2 boys. there’s no flashback, no superimposed techniques utilized – however rather raw, spectacular management of voice and face close-ups that the words aforesaid become pictures themselves for the audience to imagine and play in our heads.


Persona (1966)

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