Breaking The Girl (2013)

Breaking The Girl (2013), In a adventure story paying homage to the simplest of Hitchcock, Madeline Zima and Agnes Anton Bruckner star as best friends who share everything till one in all them reveals a twisted sense of loyalty. Sara is an formidable, lovely twenty-something operating her means through graduate school. Her toil and stellar educational record has paid off with a sought after scholarship.

Her kind spirit and generous manner attracts one in all the favored guys in class, Eric. His jealous girlfriend, Brooke, who comes from a loaded, privileged background, decides angrily to publically bruise Sara at the bar wherever Sara works. observance from the bar is Alex, attractive and even a lot of privileged even than Rupert Brooke. Alex takes Sara beneath her wing to comfort her. As some way of obtaining back at Rupert Brooke, Alex encourages Sara to continue her flirting with Eric. For a bit whereas, it’s nice fun. however it backfires – Brooke’s father is that the head of the scholarship board, and Rupert Brooke convinces him to revoke Sara’s scholarship. Then Rupert Brooke gets Sara pink-slipped from her job.

Devastated, Sara turns to Alex. because the 2 ladies become nearer, a sexual tension develops between them. As they discuss what to try and do concerning Rupert Brooke, Alex tells Sara concerning her own stepparent, a girl she despises.  Alex nonchalantly suggests to Sara that they ought to build a murder accord. Alex would kill Rupert Brooke for Sara, and Sara would repay by killing Alex’s stepparent. All their issues would be solved . Sara shrugs off the suggestion as a joke. future day, Rupert Brooke is found dead, and Alex seems at Sara’s door, reminding her of the accord. Sara realizes she has been used which Alex has set her up to require the rap for Brooke’s murder. Out of her parts and showing emotion overwrought over the betrayal, Sara is aware of that if she desires to survive, she goes to possess to fight back with an equally crafty and deadly arrange of her own.


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