All About Love (2010)

All About Love 2010 is lesbian films is headlined by one or two of high acting abilities in Sandra weight unit (currently enjoying a career renaissance due to the likes of “Echoes of the Rainbow”) and Nineties pop star Vivian Chow (making her 1st film look for fourteen years), with support from Eddie Cheung (“Election”) and William Chan (“Beauty on Duty!”).


This lesbian movie with lesbian character  is about two women : Macy (  Sandra Ng ) and Anita ( Vivian Chow ) . They used to be lovers, meet by chance after a long time in a class for pregnant lesbian single mom. Will they be able to keep their love going? What will they do with their babies? What will the dads say? With the 105 minute length,


All About Love 2010 is the film reflects social issues: from patriarchal society discrimination to the discrimination of lesbians bisexual single women. The film doesn’t mind mentioning lesbians and bisexuals stereotype even though the target audiences are lesbians and bisexual women. Even though there are not much of juicy scenes, this film is still worth watching because of its meaning.




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