Ava’s Impossible Things (2016)

Ava’s Impossible Things (2016) , Ava and her mother, Faye are fortified by numerous things…unconditional love, an energy for human expressions, a conviction that enchantment exists, and a slippery ailment that will one day end both their lives. It’s been a long time since Ava moved go into her mother’s home to think about Faye, and as Ava witnesses the moderate descending winding everything she can do is keep her mother’s spirits up while bolting endlessly the feelings of dread of her own future. Today is a day like some other until uncommon visitors and unforeseen occasions constrain Faye to make a stunning declaration, sending Ava into a spiral. Unfit to manage reality, Ava weeps late into the night in her mother’s arms and escapes to a fantasy world loaded up with old companions and since quite a while ago overlooked wants.


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