Family Pack (2000) Engsub

What would happen if you didn’t marry with a doctor or a lawer but with another woman? You want to tell your mother all, but fear that your mother will not bear it.


This lesbian comedy film will gives you an answer. the film is about situation of Sacha and Odile, they want their lesbian love is accepted by Sacha’s family. Odile is tired of pretending as Sacha’s maid or aunt or just acquaitance and nothing happens. Odile hopes that Sacha can face to her mother, her family, it’s time to come out.

In the first part of the film, is the story of sacha’s return, the conflict between her and her sister, Elisa. Joy of her family when she returned she become the proud of her parents . Witness the loving and her family’s concert, it’s hard to tell her story to them. Moreover, It seems that everyone has their issues, not watching television or busy with housework. She almost did not get a chance to speak out.

The second half is the presence of Odile and Sacha’s friends at her home. They decided to tell her mother the story of two people, but her mother misunderstood that he is the guy Sach is in love with.r. She happily shared albums of Sacha’s childhood and her wedding dress apparel for Sacha to later when she married. Then the atmosphere became distraught, her anger, then depression, then gladly accepted the truth, accept for Sacha and Odile together. At this time, Elisa also solved her problem, she meet a man who can make her really laugh.

A happy ending for all. The mother ¬†is not only accepts her daughter to love a woman, also accepted the husband’s mother never satisfied with her. She openness to his adopted daughter, Elisa. They have happy time together. The film closes with the message about ¬†family, friendship, love, happiness will smile to those who know how to appreciate and hold it.


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