L’astragale (2015)

L’Astragale is a 2015 French lesbian drama film directed by Brigitte Sy. it’s far the second film adaptation of the 1965 semi-autobiographical novel L’Astragale by using Albertine Sarrazin, after Guy Casaril’s L’Astragale (1968)


L’Astragale opens with the 19-year-old,  Albertine scaling the wall of the jail in which she is serving a seven 12 months sentence for robbery. She falls and breaks an ankle bone – the astragale of the title – which brings her daring jail break out to an abrupt halt. She is rescued by using Julien who takes her to a friend in Paris wherein she will be able to recover and continue to be hidden from the police.


Julien alternatives up his criminal lifestyles inside the provinces and returns now and again to visit Albertine, now referred to as Sophie.  eventually Julien is arrested and despatched to prison and Albertine fends for herself by using becoming a prostitute. thru all of the tough instances, she maintains a diary and maintains to accept as true with that she can be reunited with Julien, the one, proper love of her existence.



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