Professor Marston and the Wonder Women 2017

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women 2017 is an amazing biographical film about the relationship between two women ( Olive and Elizabeth) and a man ( Mr. Marston). It also show that Wonder Woman ( that come is adapted to Wonder Woman 2017 ) has inspired by these two women. Wonder woman wore the bracelet that Olive has. And She have the secret identify that Elizabeth is. the building of Wonder Woman character, with the answer of its mother and dad, with sexual activity, lesbian relationship, and love.

However, in this review, I will limit to how Olive see their lover, Elizabeth, Have you notice it? It’s really emotional eyes I have ever seen. Next to the first lesbian kiss, how beautiful, hot, and sexy it is.

If you have ever seen the Wonder Woman before, after this Film I think you will check your mind again. After Mr. Marston’s death, Olive and Elizabeth lived together for more 38 years. It’s long love and nice relationship.

We don’t need to have a proof of lesbian life, Olive and Elizabeth is the live proof in their time. They love and live the way they want. And overcome gossip, career’s faiture. What did you expect for now? Just enjoy the movie.


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