Strawberry Panic E01 24:29
Triangle love, Spencer and Ashley, Aiden and Ashley, ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend, panic, suspect, lesbian characters, lesbian couples, lesbian tv series 23:23
Aiden with Ashley, Aiden's feeling, Ashley seperate Spencer, old love challenge, lesbian girls, boyfriend girlfriend relationship 23:52
Spencer & Ashley, challenge of lesbian love, talking in school, meeting in class, 23:54
family reunite, Spencer & Ashley, Ashley with Spencer's family, lesbian win, lesbian girls, girl love 21:36
Spencer & Ashley, get away from home, lesbian relationship, lesbian characters 21:35
she is gay, two girl having sex, Paula, she don't know, south of nowhere 23:32
fight to love, lesbian love, lesbian trouble, lesbian girls, shoolgirls, Spencer & Ashley 23:35
lesbian kissing, lesbian couples, lesbian series, lesbianism, jealous girls 23:10
Spencer, Ashley, school, conflict, homosexual fight, lesbian couples, lesbian girls, girl girl relationship 23:13
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