Water Lilies 2007


Water Lilies is a drama involving a lesbian theme story. More than that. That is the sentiment in the adolescence, at the age when we want to discover ourself, our affection, love, kiss and sex.

The film revolves around some pairs of characters, but most focus on the couple Marie and Florianne. Marie was a shy girl,  The way she looked Florianne, how she expressed love and emotions torn inside. Outwardly she seemed indifferent, and fear, but deep in mind, she wanted to closer to Florianne, even go to  be mad. she fall in love with Florianne


Florianne is stubborn. she had a boyfriend. and often meet with him (Francois) in the swimming pool. Flor accept Marie’s request with challenge gesture. Then they became friends, Marie is present in the session, and playing of Flor. Flor also shared many stories with Marie, and Marie would want her will be her first time after many failed attempts with other men. Many times she’d handheld Marie, then in dance when she was very close to marie and  almost have a lesbian kiss. But I do not understand why just stop at that, like a joke, or may be a misperception.

The film explores many aspects of youth explore. you might want to look a bit of youth that you went through after watching this film. Especially through the successful expression of Marie in the disclosure of emotions.


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