The L Word S02E01: Life, Loss, Leaving

The L Word S02E01, After five months. Bette urgently asks for pardoning from Tina over her issue with Candace. In any case, Tina is uncovered to conceal a stunning mystery from her companions that she happens to be pregnant once more. Alice and Dana keep on hiding their sentimental tryst from the others, including Tonya. Jenny ends up with an inability to write, and saying an enthusiastic farewell to Tim as he gets ready to leave town for work in Ohio. Shane lands another sweetheart, low maintenance DJ named Carmen de la Pica Morales (Sarah Shahi), whom she meets at a motion picture studio while doing hairstyling. With Marina followed learning of her mental meltdown and her endeavored suicide, Kit chooses to purchase The Planet and keeps on having blended sentiments over hanging out with Ivan (Kelly Lynch).


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